terms & conditions


If you push the "ACCEPTED AND AGREED" button below you are confirming that you acknowledge, understand, represent and agree that:

You must be 18 years or older at the time of submission.

You have no prior business relationship with Tervis and none is formed by virtue of Tervis reviewing any idea which you may submit.

Tervis has no obligation of confidentiality to you, and you are submitting your idea on a non-confidential basis. Unless you have taken steps to protect your idea through patent, trademark or copyright registration or similar means, you are submitting your idea on a non-protected and non-proprietary basis.

Even if you have sought to protect your idea by filing for patent, trademark or copyright registration or similar means your rights will be limited to what is contained in such filings, and Tervis may, like anyone else, challenge the validity of any such filing.

Tervis is actively working on hundreds of new product ideas today, some of which may be similar to your idea. Tervis is not restricted from developing (or having already formulated) plans to create or enhance products similar to your idea.

Tervis has no obligation to compensate you for the idea you submit; and Tervis has sole discretion in determining the compensation to be paid, if any.

While Tervis attempts to reply to every submission, due to a large volume of submissions, Tervis may not be able to reply. Tervis is under no obligation to reveal internal information about its evaluation of this or any other suggestion or its product development process.

You represent that you own the idea or are the authorized representative of the owner, that the idea is original, and that, to the best of your knowledge, all related information that you are submitting is original, accurate, and non-misleading.


*Note if you have an idea that has not been protected by patent, trademark or copyright registration or similar means and believe it is proprietary and should be kept confidential, then you should not push the button or submit the idea.