Tervis Alternate Uses
Sure Cotter & Davis invented the tumbler as a drinking vessel, but we’ve seen some of your alternate uses – a toothbrush holder, shrimp cocktail, vase - and they’re good! Submit your use, or feel free to borrow an idea!
Teacher Gifts
Pick out a design and fill it with school supplies or other fun goodies to give to teachers as gifts.
Create sandcastles on the beach with your tumblers.
Fruit Fly Trap
Trap those fruit flies with a few household ingredients using your tumbler. Simply add the ingredients to your tumbler and use either a shaker top (pictured) or a plastic baggy with holes.
Coffee Bar
Have all your coffee needs out and ready for your morning; the tumblers make it easy to grab and go.
Dirt Cake
Serve up this dessert in tumblers - fun for all ages. Don't forget the worms!
Putting Practice
Practice your putting skills indoors using a tumbler as the putting hole.
Balloon Weight
Use your tumbler as a balloon weight at parties. Simply attach the balloons to your tumbler through the travel lid and add something to the tumbler for weight.
Summer Vase
Use the 24oz tumbler as a vase to keep flowers fresh and healthy.
Shrimp Display
Serve shrimp in style with your tumbler. Simply fill the tumbler with ice and place the shrimp around the rim of the tumbler.
Snack Container
Travel with ease as you fill your tumblers with snacks. Add a travel lid and you’re ready to go.