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It’s one thing to say “Sustainability" in bold text on your homepage… It’s another to actually take action. Our mission is simple - to take responsibility for the products we put out there instead of leaving the burden on you.


Tervis Joins prAna’s
Responsible Packaging Movement

We are proud to share that Tervis has partnered with prAna and their Responsible Packaging Movement - committing to eliminate single-use plastic and virgin forest fiber from our packaging, as well as excess packaging waste in our supply chain.


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We were
born on the docks

Now a staple of the coastal life, Tervis tumblers were originally sold by entrepreneur John C. Winslow from dock to dock as an alternative to single-use with (made to last) much better insulation properties. Eventually, having a Tervis tumbler on your boat became a tradition — and still is. We never want a Tervis product to end up in the waters we grew up on.

It's our Responsibility

It’s Not Just The Ocean
It's our backyard

What started in 1946 as a company that made an innovative plastic tumbler became a mission to change the world. Whether we’re partnering with Florida-based marine research labs, recycling our products into other post consumer products to keep them out of landfills or doing company-wide beach cleanups, we are very protective of our oceans. We want to keep our backyard clean.

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Our Zero Waste Goal

Our goal is to be a Zero Waste to landfill facility by the end of 2022. This means that, as a manufacturer, we are not sending ANYTHING to a landfill. Instead, we will


all waste produced at our factory here in Sunny, Southwest Florida. We take this goal so seriously, that we even factor in the products we send you customers. Many (eventually ALL) products we produce, can be returned to us to be broken down and reused as brand new products.

These new products include park benches and flower pots that we donate to schools and parks, vases for special occasions and recycled tumblers. We will do whatever it takes to ensure our products do not impact our oceans and landfills.

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We use kraft paper instead of plastic packaging for consumer orders. Our facility employs 100% compostable utensils and Coke Freestyle machines instead of single-use bottles.

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The reuse of packaging from and to our suppliers has allowed us to reach an 84% recycle rate earning an award from the F-EPA. We are on track to reach 100% by the end of 2022.

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Returned, damaged and scrapped materials used in our products are ground up and used to create other products (such as park benches) instead of sending to a landfill.

Sustainable Manufacturing Facilities

Single-Use Free Campus

Kraft Paper Packaging

Impact Tracking Water Fountains

F-DEP Award

Compostable Utensils

Recycled Decoration

Our Sustainability Partners

Our partners are like-minded companies that we donate to for sustainability research or companies that have similar goals to us that we’ve joined forces with to offer sustainable products.