Tervis Alternate Uses
Sure Cotter & Davis invented the tumbler as a drinking vessel, but we’ve seen some of your alternate uses – a toothbrush holder, shrimp cocktail, vase - and they’re good! Submit your use, or feel free to borrow an idea!
Bottle Warmer
Use the shaker top lid on your 16oz tumbler to mix baby formula then place the milk in a bottle. Place the bottle in a 24oz tumbler (filled with warm water) to warm the bottle.
A unique way to ask a big question! Personalize your tumbler to ask “will you marry me?” then fill it with a celebratory drink!
Squirrel Feeder
Fill your tumbler with peanuts and stick outside as you watch your tumbler become a squirrel feeder.
Season your grilled foods with ease. Create your seasoning of choice in a tumbler and top it off with a lid. Simply open the lid and shake to control the amount of seasoning being released.
Yarn Dispenser
Tired of yarn getting tangled? Simply place the yarn in your tumbler and pull the yarn through the lid to keep your yarn manageable.
Dog Treat Holder
Fill your tumbler with dog treats! It’s an easy way to keep your pup happy on the go or an easy storage vessel at home.
Use your tumblers to hold your golf tees and balls for easy organization on your way out to the course.
Dry Ingredient Holder
Give the gift of baking! Add dry ingredients for a cupcake or cookie recipe to your tumbler. Top with a lid and attach the recipe to the outside with a ribbon.