Tervis Our Responsibility
We may be all about kicking back and relaxing – but we’re serious about our responsibility and also know when it’s time to take a stand.
Breast Cancer
Tervis donates breast cancer awareness charities with the purchase of each Pink Ribbon design. With love, faith and the power of commitment, the world will see more survivors!
autism awareness ribbon
Autism Awareness
Tervis donates 5% of proceeds of all autism awareness designs -- including the Two Can Art collection by Patti Gay and her son, Noah -- to organizations that raise awareness of and provide support to those with autism.

Made for Life™ Guarantee
We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality and most durable drinkware on the planet, which is why we’ll replace any tumbler, mug or water bottle that we confirm by visual inspection to have defects in material or workmanship. We’ll even recycle the old one.
Green Behavior
Tervis has a green team dedicated to monitoring and improving efforts to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. We passed an on-site assessment of our working practices to reduce, reuse and recycle and are now recognized as a “Green Business Partner” in Sarasota County.
Made in America
Tervis drinkware has been proudly made in America since 1946. We carefully hand-assemble each one right here at home, so it’s strong enough to withstand all of life's adventures. If we could sing, we'd belt out a stirring rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner right now. Instead, we'll just stick to offering high-quality drinkware.