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The size of the cup is noted on the bottom side of the item, and the lid size is noted on the underside of the lid. If you have a 16oz tumbler, you want to be sure the lid also says 16oz. We designed our mug to fit the 24oz tumbler lid. The water bottle lid and sippy cup lid are both threaded and are made to be used only on the water bottle and My First Tervis™ sippy cup respectively.

Travel Lids

Travel lid sliders can be removed by pinching the tabs on the bottom of the lid prior to washing.

Water Bottle Lids, 17oz Lids, Hammer Lids, and Slider Lids

Never use bleach- or chlorine-based cleaners to wash your Stainless Steel Cup.


Straws should be cleaned by hand – we’ve been told a pipe cleaner helps to get the tough-to-reach places, followed by a warm rinse.

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