Things to Know

  • Confirm you have a Tervis product by checking bottom for the Tervis logo. For stainless steel, check the side or bottom for 'SIC'.
  • Accessories including stainless steel, water bottle, My First Tervis™ sippy cup, and ice bucket lids as well as ice bucket handles may be replaced. All other accessories are not guaranteed for life.
  • If we do not currently offer your design on or you need to replace a stainless steel tumbler/lid, you may select the 'Reuse Design' return option. We will attempt to extract your current emblem (patch) or wrap from your returned product and reinstall it into a new tumbler. While it is not a guarantee that it can be salvaged for replacement, we will take the utmost care in our attempt to do so. Please note if the design you ask to be reused is currently offered on or we cannot reuse the design you send in, a coupon for the value of that emblem or wrap will be sent to the email provided. Stainless steel will be replaced with the same product.
  • Once items have been received and verified as defective, a coupon for the value of items returned will be emailed within 15-20 business days to the email address provided. If you are returning stainless steel product(s) or requesting the reuse of the returned design as replacement, your order will be shipped within 15-20 business days upon receipt and processing of returned items.
  • If you receive a coupon for your return, return to to place your order for new tumblers. Selection for replacement tumblers is limited to selection on at time order is placed. Please note that this coupon is valid for one time use on only and may not be used on stainless steel products or in any retail or Tervis store location. If coupon is redeemed for any value less than the total coupon amount, that amount will be lost.
  • You may return up to 6 tumblers per day for replacement under the guarantee replacement policy at one of our Official Tervis Stores.