Osprey Store

The Original Factory Store and Outlet

The Place to Create Your Own Tumbler

Choose From Dozens of Designs, Create Your Own Design or Use Photographs and Memorabilia

Pricing for Lab Creations

  • 16oz Tumbler
  • 24oz Tumbler
  • 16oz Mug
  • $21.99
  • $24.99
  • $19.99

Host a Private Lab Party

  • $50 per 3 Hours
  • + Cost of Tumblers
  • 24 Person Limit
  • Bring Your Own Refreshments

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A Little History of Our Biggest Store

In 1946, we invented the world’s first insulated tumbler in Detroit. In 1968, we moved south, to our first official retail location and original factory in Osprey, Florida. Here, we shared space with a seafood restaurant, a clothing boutique and a life raft company that was owned by the man who brought us to Florida and whose family continues to run the company today, outdoorsman and entrepreneur, John C. Winslow.

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