Personalization Restrictions

We're happy to provide you with an opportunity to personalize your tumblers, but we want to make sure nothing potentially offensive or inappropriate finds its way between the insulated walls of our products. If you wouldn't say it to your mother, it probably shouldn't be on a Tervis. The following items are restricted from personalization. If your personalized items do not follow the below guidelines, a Tervis representative will contact you to change your order accordingly.

  • Profanity - offensive language, slogans or acronyms deemed inappropriate, derogatory, or profane is not allowed.
  • Use of third party marks, trademarked names, etc. is not allowed.
  • Tervis reserves the right to reject a personalization request for any reason in its sole discretion, including but not limited to Tervis not wishing such personalization to be placed on its products.

We also cannot legally allow the use of third party logos, or other trademarked or copyrighted names, etc.

Licensed products have specific personalization guidelines and restrictions. Please click here for details if you are personalizing any licensed tumblers.

Thanks for understanding.