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Our Responsibility.

It’s one thing to say “Sustainability” in bold text on your homepage… It’s another to actually take action. Our mission is simple - to take responsibility for the products we put out there instead of leaving the burden on you.


We were
born on the docks

Now a staple of the coastal life, Tervis tumblers were originally sold by entrepreneur John C. Winslow from dock to dock as an alternative to single-use with (made to last) much better insulation properties. Eventually, having a Tervis tumbler on your boat became a tradition — and still is. We never want a Tervis product to end up in the waters we grew up on.

It's our Responsibility

It’s Not Just The Ocean
It's our backyard

What started in 1946 as a company that made an innovative plastic tumbler became a mission to change the world. Whether we’re partnering with Florida-based marine research labs, recycling our products into other post consumer products to keep them out of landfills or doing company-wide beach cleanups, we are very protective of our oceans. We want to keep our backyard clean.

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Our Sustainability Partners

Our partners are like-minded companies that we donate to for sustainability research or companies that have similar goals to us that we’ve joined forces with to offer sustainable products.