Guy Harvey

Guy Harvey is widely recognized as the world’s finest marine wildlife artist. The self-taught native Jamaican combines unique artistic talents with his vast knowledge and experience as a marine biologist, diver, photographer and angler, to create sea-life art that is unmatched in authenticity and appeal.

Guy spent his childhood in the Caribbean where he enjoyed hours of fishing and diving with his father, developing an admiration of the nautical world’s natural beauty and colorful wildlife that was his early inspiration to draw. But it was his love of Ernest Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea” — and a series of 44 sketches of that tale — that years later would prove instrumental in helping launch his career as an artist and conservationist.

A favorite among fishermen, boaters and sea-farers everywhere, his work is a natural fit for the sun and water loving attitude Tervis has become known for. It makes perfect sense that Guy Harvey was one of our first licensed partners.

Want to learn more about Guy Harvey? Visit his website at:

Tyler Lederer

Growing up with his family in Algonquin, Illinois, Tyler always wanted to be an illustrator. At a young age, he gravitated towards super heroes, wanting to be just like them and inspire good in people. As he grew older, his love for super heroes led him from early morning cartoon shows to comic books.

He never asked his parents for an entire series of comics in order to follow the story; instead he wanted the one comic book with the “coolest” art on the cover.

Throughout high school he took as many art classes as possible; creating art with keeping the same theme of helpful heroes, and villains who stood in the way. Some classmates thought it a little strange that he was STILL watching super hero cartoons and animated movies, but this is when Tyler realized that he really wanted to use pictures to tell a story.

Tyler continues to work as an in-house Tervis artist, as he has since 2011. He and his family enjoy visiting local parks, reading together and generally having fun where they reside in Venice, Florida.